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What makes our companies different?   We are two, independent, financial service companies that have built lasting client relationships and grown our business with their referrals.  Formed by native businessman, Morris Monroe, he grew up in this area and graduated from Conroe High School and Sam Houston State University.  He lives in The Woodlands with his wife and family and is active in the community.  

Woodlands Securities Corporation, (WSC), member FINRA and SIPC, was formed in 1986 and is a fully disclosed broker/dealer with experienced financial consultants handling your transaction based accounts. Counted among our representatives you will find Registered Investment Advisor agents, Chartered Life Underwriters, Insurance agents as well as seasoned stock and bond brokers.  With personalized service as the foundation of our company, we strive to build lasting client relationships. 

Woodlands Asset Management, Inc. (WAMI) is a registered investment advisory firm providing its clientele with a professionally managed, diversified portfolio.  We strive to give you a convenient and affordable way to maintain a long-term investment service, systematically allocating investment dollars across a combination of carefully screened mutual funds and other investments.  Further diversification is provided across a variety of asset classes and portfolio managers with periodic adjustments in response to changing market conditions.