Broker Check

WSC New Account Process

    1. Complete New Account Form in full:  Check Broker at the top/right, be sure and include physical address when a P.O. Box is given for mailing, Email address, Occupation and Employer (if Retired, include previous employment) and Business Address; Investment Experience (according to level of sophistication in years), Bank Information, Financial Information, Objectives, Risk Tolerance, customer signature and date, etc.
    2. sign and date New Account Form.
    3. Obtain copy of drivers license
    4. Run OFAC search PRIOR to opening account.
    5. Obtain copy of Trust Agreement, Articles of Inc/Corp Resolution, Partnership Agreement, etc. where applicable, to show authority to transact account.
    6. Start Recommendation Worksheet with any applicable information you can.  The Rep will have to finish and sign.
    7. Ensure customer receives all NAF Disclosure pages (not Rec W.S - for internal use only).
    8. Complete all other account application documentation.
    9. Complete WSC Product Receipt and Disclosure Form where applicable:  Mutual Funds, Insurance Products, Callable Certificate of Deposit, 529 Plans, EIA.
    10. Principal Review and signature.
    11. Back office initial New Account Form for review of information and completeness.
    12. Record & scan information in Winops - CUSTOMERS and in ORDERS (if non-SWS).
    13. Record check information in Send/Rec Log in WinOps if applicable.
    14. Forward original applications to intended recipient.*
    15. 17a-3 Thirty Day Notice:  Send New Account Information to customer within 30 days after opening the account and every three years thereafter.

*All 529 Plan ORIGINAL documents must be sent to the Home Office for the municipal principal review and approval.